Amigos Latinos 6-Hands Dinner

From April 24th to 28th, 2024, we are launching our new event series, Amigos Latinos.

We are excited to welcome Chef Diego Telles to Z’SOM, owner of the Flor De Lis restaurant in Guatemala City, which was ranked as the 51st best restaurant in Latin America 2022-23 by the prestigious World’s 50 Best List. His cuisine is contemporary Guatemalan, inspired by the nature-connected wisdom of the Maya, creating unique culinary creations that reflect the cultural diversity of the country. His motto is “We eat culture, we serve history.”

Additionally, José Fuentes will be joining us, also from Guatemala. After working at Hisa Franko (*** Michelin), Haebel (*Michelin), and Flor de Lis in Vienna, he has settled down and brings his culinary multiculturalism to the table with his Nixtamal pop-ups.

For one week, our head chef, Diego Briones, along with Diego Telles and José Fuentes, will be cooking an exclusive surprise menu for you.

Get ready for an evening full of taste surprises, an aroma-laden journey through Latin America.

New Event series: Amigos Latinos

Latin America dominates the culinary landscape: 12 of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2024 are located in Latin America. And for good reason: a deep understanding of the diverse heritage of flavors and techniques, coupled with respect for the product, combined with a curious, cross-border mindset, defines modern Latin American cuisine.

At Z’SOM, our mission is to bring flavors and people together. Chef and owner Diego Briones from Chile translates this into exciting international fusion menus full of freshness and taste every evening.

To make the talents of Latin American gastronomy tangible in Vienna, we are launching our event series AMIGOS LATINOS. Several times a year, we will invite chefs, winemakers, and sommeliers from Latin America to join us at Z’SOM to create unforgettable evenings together.

It all begins in April 2024. Stay tuned to discover which exciting personalities will be visiting us at Z’SOM!